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Self-Organized Learning and Inquiry Based Learning

SOLE Online is a web-based educational service for inquiry based learning and English presentations. 


What is SOLE?

SOLE stands for Self Organized Learning Environment. It is a form of inquiry based learning where teachers have minimal involvement.


Students are posed a “Big Question”. Working in groups, they try to answer the question using information on the Internet. At the end of the study period, students present their findings.

At SOLE Online, presentations are given in English.


Self Organized Learning was first identified by Professor Sugata Mitra of Newcastle University, in the famous “Hole in the Wall” experiments in 1999. He installed computers into a wall in Delhi, India, and observed as children with no computing experience taught themselves and each other, without teachers.

Sugata Mitra was awarded the 2013 TED Prize for his work. The hole in the wall experiments inspired the Hollywood movie Slumdog Millionaire. A documentary, The School in the Cloud, has since been produced about the SOLE method.

Onstage at TED2013, Sugata Mitra makes his bold TED Prize wish: Help me design the School in the Cloud, a learning lab in India, where children can explore and learn from each other -- using resources and mentoring from the cloud. Hear his inspiring vision for Self Organized Learning Environments. (TED)

What is the future of education in a networked world? TED Prize winner Sugata
Mitra calls for a revolution in how and what we learn. With a global network of
information a few clicks away, Mitra argues that the Victorian model on which our
school systems are based is obsolete. (Vimeo)

3 Steps of Self-Organized Learning​

Big Questions are the spark that ignites a SOLE session. Big Questions are the ones that don’t have an easy answer, e.g. “What would happen to Earth if all insects disappeared?”

(About 5 minutes)

Students make groups of about 3-5 students. Each group is provided with one computer with the internet connection, and they search for an answer. They are free to move around, change groups and share information at any time.

(20-30 minutes)

Students share what they learned with the whole group. They make presentations in English so they can share their ideas with people in other countries.

(15-20 minutes)



- Students learn content that is multidisciplinary, interesting, and useful.
- Students improve reading comprehension, language skills, creativity and problem solving skills.
- Students develop lifelong collaborative learning habits.
- Students learn interpersonal skills and presentation skills.
- Students are motivated to learn more about topics related to the Big Question.
- Students do not forget grammar and vocabulary they use in their presentations.




When instructors tell students what to learn and how to learn, students’ creativity and motivation are compromised. Education technology and the Internet make self directed learning possible for students everywhere.

It is no longer a teacher’s job to make learning happen; now we must let it happen. With SOLE’s minimally invasive education, instructors take a back seat to students. The instructor’s job is to listen, support, and marvel at the students’ creativity.



Businesses and educational institutions are becoming more interested in applicants’ soft skills, such as the ability to give a coherent and intriguing presentation.


SOLEs teach this.


SOLE Online participants finish each session with a presentation in English. This is an essential language skill in today’s World.

Prospective Students

We help you to find a nearest school where you can learn with SOLE.

Also, you can join a SOLE session remotely from home or anywhere.


Teacher Training

There are excellent sources of information on the Web about how to run SOLEs.


We recommend you start with The School in the Cloud and StartSOLE.

SOLE Online can also offer on-site or online teacher training sessions.
- How to run a SOLE 
- How to set up an international online SOLE

Please contact SOLE Online to discuss details.


International Sessions

Get connected with the students all around the world through SOLE Online. We are part of the world-wide community of SOLE practitioners, and we can help you to find peer students to collaborate with.


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